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November 2022


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A new partnership between the UK’s leading wellbeing provider for the care sector, Oomph! and the CAA has been launched to boost support for the physical and emotional health of those living and working in care and positively increase their quality of life.

The Care Association Alliance (CAA) is a national alliance of 50 local Care Associations across England supporting well over 6,000 Registered Care Services in residential and domiciliary care.

Melanie Weatherley, MBE, Co-chair of CAA said:

“The Oomph partnership will give CAA the extra bounce and drive to support essential activities delivered by our care workforce. This partnership could not have come at a better time, as we continue to support resident services recovering from the COVID-19 emergency alongside bringing additional benefits for our fabulous workforce whose wellbeing is paramount for any successful care service.”

Oomph! is an award-winning social enterprise founded in 2011 and is the UK’s leading wellbeing business for older and vulnerable adults and their care teams, uniting expert care with science and technology.

Oomph founder, Ben Allen said:

“My last 12 years in the care sector have been driven by the belief that everyone deserves a full life, for life.  This new partnership with the Care Association Alliance, such an important and influential organisation, allows us to work even closer with the people who deliver the daily care that allows this belief to become a reality. I’m excited that very soon we’ll be able to bring new tools to the sector that will support care givers directly and the Care Association Alliance will be a significant supporter in this.”

Oomph have a soon to be released, new ‘Oomph! On Demand’ platform with unique tools that will transform the way care providers can deliver qualified, adaptive, care centric content, 24-7.

Following 12 months of development, this flexible and simple to use digital resource, will offer tailored activity, exercise and TV content developed by experts in dementia, nutrition, wellbeing, mental health all in one easy to use wellbeing platform.

The extensive range of resources and tools will support residents, clients, care teams and family members to improve meaningful engagement and overall quality of life.

Content created by a combination of Oomph expert instructors and trusted partners, including ZooLab, Instructor Live and Arthritis Action, is available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Oomph will be showcasing the new platform at a forthcoming National CAA webinar in January, so look out for the invite that will be released very soon.

For more information about Wellbeing Training and Oomph On Demand please contact Oomph here.