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October 2022

Oomph Wellness and New Care celebrate 5-year partnership!

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Kerry Smith (Regional Support Manager), Dawn Collett (Commissioning Director) & Cath Fairhurst (Chief Operating Officer) were interviewed by Lisa Wilson from Oomph Wellness (Senior Customer Success Manager) to discover how Oomph has made a difference to the overall wellbeing of residents within New Care homes.

What does wellbeing mean for life at New Care and why is it important to you?

“It is incredibly important to us.  The wellbeing of our residents is a priority as it attributes towards a better quality of life. Being able to do the things that you have done before, learn new things and pick up new hobbies, and really keep your brain and spirit alive are all essential elements.

The personalisation of the wellbeing programme is incredibly important, and we’re committed to finding out what our residents did prior to moving into one of our homes and what they want to do now. The opportunity to both continue with existing hobbies and learn new things is fantastic because the more you expose residents to the range of wellbeing activities within the programme, you can broaden their horizons and enhance their lifestyle.  We find our residents are happier and more fulfilled when offered a daily menu of different wellbeing activities.

Sleep improves, residents eat better and move better. The best example of engagement we had was at Grosvenor Manor, where approximately 20 residents wanted to read all the research about Oomph and participated in the exercise training! Now, they are Oomph’s biggest advocates, and all of the team are trainers themselves so that they can lead engaging wellbeing sessions that benefit all of our residents.” Cath Fairhurst, New Care

Oomph and New Care have partnered for over 5 years now, what do you value about our long-term partnership?

“Firstly, how everything has evolved over the last five years. As a company New Care has grown from a few homes to eleven, soon to be twelve and Oomph has been part of that growth too. Oomph’s offering has improved too, and it is now bigger and better than it was at the beginning of our relationship.  This has had a massive impact on our ability to provide outstanding support for our residents. The value really sits with how we have both evolved together as a true partnership!” – Dawn Collet, New Care

What impact does Oomph training have for your care home staff and residents?

“Each New Care facility really embraces Oomph and the teams have taken it on board to use every day with residents. It provides structure and it’s great to see Oomph in action and the positive impact it has on everybody that is involved.” – Kerry Smith, New Care

“We have a phrase which is we should be ‘Oomph-ing’ morning, noon and night! I think the range of the offering is significant, and you have always covered the different aspects of support, but then there has been a broadening of that through the On Demand platform and the option for residents to access this service independently – which has been really significant. We’re really supportive of a holistic approach to wellbeing and utilising everything that Oomph has to offer. The Oomph programme can impact the wellbeing of the entire care home, both staff and residents alike.” –Cath Fairhurst, New Care


New Care has embraced the Oomph on Demand platform – what difference do you think it has made?

“The variety the On Demand platform provides and the multiple options and plans which you can follow is hugely helpful to the Wellbeing Co-ordinators as they are not wasting time thinking of things to do. Additionally, some of our Wellbeing Co-ordinators will always have a preferred focus area and it stops them from living in their comfort zone and broadens their horizons too. We invest in all of the Oomph training and Oomph resources, which in turn ensures the team have additional confidence to provide a much wider range of activities, which our residents love!” –Cath Fairhurst, New Care

What value do you see Oomph has for relatives and their impression of wellbeing provision in the homes?

“It is not only the relatives of the residents that live with us, but also families who are looking around the home.  They see a vibrant community with residents involved and engaged with the wellbeing activities.  It’s a pleasure to witness this stimulation and enjoyment.

“If a family were looking round a home and the residents were all sat in the lounge, in a circle, not really doing anything – which can be quite typical of a care home – it does not give the greatest first impression and you really would not want to place your mum or your dad there. However, if you walk into a care home and there is a range of activities going on and the staff members are very clearly involved, alongside the residents, this has a very positive impact on families.”  – Dawn Collett, New Care

“In our new homes we do have regular respite residents who visit whilst their relatives are on holiday. Some of these residents do actually consider their stay in the care home a holiday. They are absolutely full of joy when they are going home, commenting that they’re not ready to go home as they’re too engaged with activities! Such feedback is amazing and it’s a testament to the delivery of the Oomph programme within the homes and the positive environment that it creates.” – Cath Fairhurst, New Care

For more information about Wellbeing Training and Oomph On Demand please contact Oomph here.

Oomph On Demand users can now get Fit For Good!

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Oomph! On Demand has formed an exciting new partnership with exercise company Fit For Good! Fit For Good is a convenient and enjoyable way to improve your fitness  and they offer both live and pre-recorded sessions that will be available on the Oomph platform.

Oomph! On Demand provides engaging exercise and activity content 365 days a year, across a diverse range of topics and meeting a range of interests and abilities – meaning care teams are able to support residents to tune into live and recorded seated exercise sessions including things like ballet, chair yoga and mindfulness. Residents also enjoy a wide variety of activity resources, from virtual tours of Scotland to language lessons, and from history talks to music concerts.

The site is full of interactive quizzes, activity ideas, and an interactive activity calendar which can be selected according to a desired wellbeing goal or resident’s interests.

Fit For Good combine a mixture of cardio, strength, core, flexibility, and balance work to ensure that you stay fighting fit and are ready and able to take on everyday tasks. Fit For Good is aimed at older adults who want a conveniently located, full body exercise programme that doesn’t require getting down on the floor or paying a monthly subscription to a gym/leisure centre.

“We are excited to have partnered up with Oomph! Wellness so that we can livestream our seated fitness sessions to care homes across the UK. Over the course of 45 minutes, you will work the entire body by combining a mixture of cardio, strength, core, flexibility and balance work. Regularly taking part in our sessions is a great way to help you get stronger and fitter, as well as improve your balance and core strength. Our classes are for anyone, and you have the option to take rest whenever you need to. We also strive to make our sessions fun and enjoyable, as it’s really important for us to create a sense of community, so feel free to use the chat feature to give a shout-out or to tell your instructor Jordan what your favourite exercise is” – Jordan Burns, Director of Fit For Good.

“We are so excited to be partnering with Fit For Good, an organisation that holds similar values to ours. Their commitment to helping others improve their physical and mental health through exercise is truly inspiring, and we cannot wait to bring you more varied exercise content from Jordan and the team. It is really exciting about what the future holds. Together, we can help even more older people lead healthier, happier lives.” – Jack McKechnie, Content Creation Lead at Oomph! Wellness.

For more information about Wellbeing Training and Oomph On Demand please contact Oomph here.