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Care Home Residents Nicknamed “The Troublemakers” Form Close Bond Thanks To Regular Exercise And Activity Sessions

By February 3, 2021No Comments

We have recently launched Oomph! On Demand, a one-stop-shop for care home activities. Residents across the UK have been enjoying all of the activity and exercise resources available on the site, including residents at Country Court Care homes, one of Oomph!’s key partners. Read on for Rose and Dot’s story, told by the team at Heartlands…

Dot and Rose live in Country Court Care’s Heartlands Nursing Home in Birmingham. They were both feeling lonely and isolated in their respective homes during lockdown and moved to the care home in August and September respectively.

They quickly forged a close bond over their shared passion for regular exercise classes and activities that Heartlands provided, thanks to virtual support from Oomph! in preparation for the launch of the On Demand service. Residents and staff refer to them fondly as ‘The Troublemakers’ in reflection of their joie de vivre! Rose and Dot normally do an exercise class twice a week and a host of musical, cookery and art sessions, quizzes and games.

Heartlands’ staff say that thanks to the virtual support and content from Oomph!, the activities at the home have remained at a high quality in spite of the extra demands and restrictions posed by the pandemic. Without having wellbeing activities curated and produced for them, staff would have struggled to originate a full programme of activities for the home.

For further information, please email hello@oomph-wellness.org, or visit www.oomph-wellness.org/on-demand