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Care Homes Wow With “Hot Wheels” Falls Prevention Initiative

By October 27, 2020October 29th, 2020No Comments

From Christmas themed walking aids to Harley Davidson frames, Forest Healthcare homes across the UK have been taking part in a fantastic falls prevention challenge.

The initiative, supported by Oomph!, is challenging Forest Healthcare homes and their residents to glam up their walking aids, to help residents recognise their own frame – as, currently, a lot of walking aids have a uniform appearance and it can be difficult to tell these apart.

The initiative has been embraced by homes, and has resulted in some incredibly creative entries. The standard grey and silver tones have been replaced with an array of exciting person-centered themes, such as Christmas and remembrance themed frames at The Grange, a Chelsea FC themed frame at Hassingham House and a beehive themed frame at Grace Manor (photos can be found at the bottom of this article). Residents have been delighted with the results and keen to pose for photos with their new and improved wheels.

Belmont Lodge in Essex, tells us about one of their meaningful, person-centred and imaginative entries, which is writing and Salvation Army themed.

The Activities Coordinator commented; “One resident, Geoff, and I have created a frame of memories that matter to him. The aim was to empower him by creating this frame and reminiscing about meaningful memories he has had throughout his life. We have been working alongside Geoff and his children to find some lovely moments that he holds dear.

There was a heartfelt memory of his wife, Joan, who lives in the home with him, writing him a poem for their anniversary. Throughout Geoff’s life, he has also spent his time writing books and hymns  – which was one of his skills that we asked him to utilise when it came to decorating his frame! Our main theme was centred on Geoff and Joan’s time in the Salvation Army where they did extensive work looking after 300 orphaned boys in Korea. Geoff loves putting on his Salvation Army uniform which takes him back to the wonderful times he spent doing a job that he loved with the woman he loved!”

Amanda Scott, CEO of Forest Healthcare, tells us more about the initiative, “An initiative that involves residents, improves safety AND creates so much buzz and laughter from residents and team members is too good to pass by. I am delighted by the personalisation that has been included, showing that our team members really know our residents well. Perhaps next we can throw down the gauntlet to other Care Home groups and have a National Hot Wheels Competition?”

Ben Allen, CEO of Oomph!, “We love creative initiatives with a purpose! As well as regular exercise, ensuring that a resident’s walking aid is recognisable as their own – plus making them a stylish fashion accessory – is a great way to raise awareness and prevent falls. A huge well done to all of the teams and residents at the Forest Healthcare homes for their enthusiasm and hard work… The results are amazing!”


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