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February 2020

Concorde wish comes true for care home resident

By Out and about

We were recently delighted to take a group of residents from Camberley Manor, TLC Care, on a very special trip to Brooklands Museum. Greg, the Hotel Services Manager at Camberley Manor, tells the story…

“The last of our Christmas Wishing Tree wishes we could make true happened – some of our residents wanted a meal with their family, some wanted a bottle of their favourite alcoholic indulgence… but Gordon wanted to go on Concorde.

With the help of Oomph!, Jose and myself had the privilege of taking Gordon on board the Concorde. Gordon mainly uses a wheelchair, however, once on site Gordon did not want to use the chair – he said to us, ‘I am going to walk up the stairs and walk on Concorde’. Gordon achieved this.

To me, this emphasises what TLC, Oomph! and Wellbeing are all about… working together to make it happen. However, it was Gordon who was mentally and physically stimulated to achieve something – not only walking up the stairs, but also to fulfill a dream. Our One Team approach provided a dream, how brilliant!”


To find out how you can get out and about with Oomph!, contact us here or call 0203 601 6363

Abbey Healthcare staff and residents get some Oomph! with wellbeing partnership!

By Care Home, Out and about

Speaking of the impact on the home after training, a member of staff said, “One resident who doesn’t normally join in with activities, started smiling and showed signs of happiness as she engaged in an Oomph! session.”

We are partnering with Abbey Healthcare to engage residents in awesome exercise classes and creative activities, as well as regular trips out.

Following a successful pilot with 6 of the homes in the portfolio, staff in the remaining 10 Abbey Healthcare homes will be taking a whole-home approach to activities, being trained in Oomph!’s Wellbeing Leadership programme. This ensures that they are equipped with everything they need to create and sustain a person-centred plan of varied exercise and activities that residents love. The training is tailored to each home, and focuses on meeting and exceeding regulator requirements.

One member of staff commented, “It was all very useful and will help me to engage better with our residents. It was good fun and educational.”

The programme also includes a series of skills workshops, including Oomph! Sensory, which is based on the Namaste Care philosophy, enabling relaxation, tranquillity and engagement. The workshop provides an alternative approach to many other types of physical activity, and includes techniques such as hand massage. This is particularly relevant for individuals who are less able, and are perhaps nursed in their beds or living with advanced dementia. Further workshops focus on culture, dance and sport.

Additionally, engaging days out to a range of destinations are running for 11 homes, with added value and variety to trip experiences created through partnerships with the National Trust and HQ Theatres.

The trips aim to connect residents to the people and places that matter most to them, and Abbey Healthcare trips have already been going to interesting locations, such as East Anglia Railway Museum, Royal Air Force Museum and Knowsley Safari Park.

A member of staff said of a recent trip to the Railway Museum, “We found that on the trip, residents were really engaging with each other. They enjoyed the guided tour, listening intensely to what was being said. We chatted and reminisced about the old railways – some of the residents were very knowledgeable about railways and local history!”

Andy Taylor, Group Finance Director at Abbey Healthcare, comments: “Oomph! has really enabled us to up our wellbeing offering for residents – and feedback from residents has been overwhelmingly positive.  Not only that, but our staff are now really engaged in wellbeing – it’s improving staff morale and the quality of care we provide for our residents.”

Ben Allen, Oomph’s CEO and Founder, said: “Oomph! are delighted to be partnering with Abbey Healthcare, it is a privilege to be an integral part of the organisation’s wellbeing provision and we are excited to help ensure that Abbey Healthcare residents life a full life, for life.”


Pictured: The Team at Aaron Court show off their certificates after completing the Oomph! Relax workshop, which has been developed with experts to use the principles of yoga, pilates, tai chi and mindfullness to bring sessions of relaxation and tranquility to residents.